February 7, 2012 | by admin
Rob Gronkowski Dancing Like a Madman After Super Bowl Loss

If I saw Rob Gronkowski dancing like this the night before the Super Bowl I would have expected a huge game out of him.  After watching this video the ankle can’t be an excuse for him not separating from the Giant’s linebackers.

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the video, and story via the big lead.

A few questions about this video:

1. If you are one of the guys in this video and people can figure out who you are, are you happy about that?
2. They said the Super Bowl was a sausage fest, they weren’t kidding.
3. Is this a gay bar? I think I saw one woman in the 4 minutes of the video!
4. How is no one watching out for Gronk and telling him there are about 20 different camera phones taking videos and pictures of him. Maybe he should do this in a more private club?

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