April 12, 2010 | by B-Rey
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Soma For Sale, Here is Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger partying in Las Vegas. Big Ben is a two time Super Bowl champion who spends his off season drinking and partying like a champion, Soma maximum dosage. After Soma, Thanks to for the pictures.




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  • Where is Jefferson Street Joe Gilliam now that we need him? Where is Turkey Joe Jones? He couldn’t piledrive Bradshaw; maybe he’ll have better luck with Rumpelstiltskinberger.

    Myron Cope is rolling in his grave.

  • Ben’s a piece if privelaged SHIT

  • LOL at the site owners not putting up my comments. You know what I said, and you know how bad the site is! (comparatively)

  • Raplesberger! Look at him trying to find his next victim. All this guy does is throw picks and rape chicks.

  • why is he always wearing the same beat ass white collar/cuff shirts with a white t-shirt underneath?

    he dresses haaaaarribly.

  • Those girls should just cry rape now…get it out of the way ahead of time.

  • I didnt know he hung out with Hines Ward outside of Football…… (1st picture)

  • Ben RapeThisBerger.

  • Look. to all of you yuppie ass faggots who wanna put Big Ben down, hes a star athlete, who cares what he does or who he does in his time off. And if he did assault those women then they should’ve thought twice about fuckin around with him. Leave the man be hes a great atlete and a good man. Ben is number 1!!!

  • He is probably saying to himself in the first picture “I’m going to take that Asian into the bathroom and rape him”.

  • Blackandyellow r u a n?#gger or what big ben is a joke of a human being u clown.



    & there’s a reason for that. If he sucked so bad, he wouldn’t be a MULTI NFL champion QB


  • Multi NFL Champion QB? God you people are so retarded.

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