August 9, 2009 | by B-Rey
Josh Hamilton’s Relapse

Unfortunately Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton had a relapse with alcohol last January. In these pictures taken in Arizona at popular ASU hangout Maloney’s Tavern, Josh Hamilton got drunk and partied with some of the off-duty waitress staff.  According to,  “shots were poured. Lots of shots. Josh kept drinking.”


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  • I will keep Josh in my prayers. James 4:7

  • bet a blast seemed like a good idea about now

  • None of us are perfect we all make mistakes it is expected of us. At least he didnt go out and get high on crack or heroin.

  • Was that the incident in January?

  • he never did heroin

  • yeah… that sure is a bummer. Looks like he’s really having a horrible night.

  • That is very disgusting! He has a wife. Women in pictures were so CHEAPO BIMBOS! They were very lucky to enjoy playing with him. I wish I played with him and really don’t care if Josh and his bimbo pals think that myself as a gay is sick! Maybe he is one of them. Who knows?

  • lol you’re a faaaaag christopher!

  • this boi knows how to party! Sssshaooooo…


  • what a douche bag… guy has it all and pissing it away…some people just dont know how lucky they have it.

  • What a fucking douche. It’s okay to do coke and party like an animal. It’ll take you all the way to the world series.

    And to be honest, I’m okay with all that.

    But to apologize by finding the lord again and it’s okay. As long as it happens (or gets documented) only every couple of years and then I find Christ again, it’s okay.

    What a fucking douche, seriously.

  • This is about alcohol and a culture that treats it as a non-drug. See for yourself how dangerous it is and how it can ruin anyone who is not afraid of it, in short order.

  • he did make a mistake, but it was a test from God to see if josh could handle it and come back to glorify him again. WHich josh did he came back from that relapse and is very in touch with jesus christ.

  • where the alcohol he could just be gettin his freakon

  • Josh made a bad decision no excuses…But what has he done since then? The answer is he admitted his mistakes stayed clean , went to the world series, won the MVP and has taken back his God given role as the spiritual leader of his family. The devil wanted to sift him like wheat and Josh said “NO”!

  • Josh will struggle the rest of his life…his message is inspiring and the Lord is forgiving….no matter how many times we mess up. Prays for you Josh!

  • He kind of reminds me of Mickey Mantle, handsome centerfielder with tons of talent,/potential with abuse problems that have and will probably affect his career forever.

  • Can’t figure out if the pathetic Jaysus-freak talk here is serious or not, lol. Yes, the lord works in mysterious ways involving cheap sluts and alcohol and drugs…Oh, no, of course not, that’s THE DEVIL, right? LOL, pathetic if serious….

  • I would bang those bimbo sluts any day!!! Hit me up I can get hammered everyday all day with you!!!! YEAAAAAAA

  • Man I bet his wife and kids are proud. No sympathy here I just think hes another piece of garbage celebrity who shouldnt be made into a role model because he can hit a baseball far.

  • WHY??? WHY are the faces of these girls being “protected” and covered up? They are out in public and behaving like WHORES. They do NOT deserve anonymity! That is a separate issue from Josh’s addictions. I worked in entertainment and sports for years. I see the female groupies and whores behaving very badly. Many guys who don’t have addictions are constantly hit on and tempted to cheat on their wives. But, people always “protect” these aggressive immoral females. Its not fair to cover their faces in this photo. Women have to be accountable too for their actions!

  • The female in photo #1 is “willingly” groping him with her hand on his private parts. The woman in photo #2 is committing a crime by exposing her breasts in public. WHY are their identities being protected and why is Josh to blame for their behavior??? We must make drunk female groupies also held responsible.

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