September 8, 2008 | by B-Rey
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Thanks to The Sporting Point for showing us that Blog Xilla Zelnorm For Sale, has some great pictures of Tennessee Titan's Quarterback Vince Young partying with his boys.  Apparently Vince likes to drink his Patron Tequila shirtless, and straight out of the bottle.

(Update:  Here is a pretty impressive article on Vince Young over at AOL Fanhouse.)

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  • notice this is a gay club…. wow

  • Yeah, beacause Vince Young, Michael Huff, Casey Studdard and other Longhorn athletes are gay, right? You’re a moron, wow!

  • Dirty Hebrew Talon

    I can confirm it IS a gay club. Sooooooooooooooo painfully black and gay. Like you guys didn’t know he was black and gay? Please.

  • This is definitely a gay athlete.. Tomb Raiding Sausage Puffer … I am surprised this hasn’t come out and hit a major Media source.. He’s finished as an athlete if any of his team mates ever see this photo …. Too bad, so much talent wasted…

  • If its a gay club then why is there a girl in the background on the second pic.

  • Girls can definitely go to gay bar, you know. I know plenty of girls with gay friends who don’t mind hanging out in gay bar just to get a feel of what it’s like. Hell, you know they could be going with a bi lover too?

  • He is with his teamates dumbasses…..Quarterbacks never go anywhere without their lineman… The big white guy is a lineman.

  • That looks like a sweet party…a bunch of guys with their shirts off. Here in Atlanta, that would be a gay bar.

  • all that needs to be said is there are no women in the background. Why would straight male NFL players get drunk shirtless together without women?

  • it’s a proven fact that tequilla makes your clothes fall off


  • I hate to say it, but I’m from Austin and the evidence seems to be adding up. I have a friend who says worked at a cell phone store and Vince Young supposedly came in for service on his phone. My buddy looked through his contacts and didn’t see one girl! My buddy wasn’t trying to talk shit about him and didn’t mention the rumor of him being gay, he just thought it was odd.

  • These pictures look seriously gay. I have drank a lot of Patron and been wasted but never have I been in a public place of all men where everybody is shirtless at a bar. I am definitely sensing some serious gayness going on!

  • The big white guy might be a lineman–but that don’t mean he isn’t gay, too. Look at that beard–he’s definitely a bear. Sorry, but yes, here in London also that would probably (as in 99.5%+ certainty) be a gay bar. I’ve certainly never been in a *straight* bar where guys did that–but any random issue of Boyz or QX will look *exactly* like that. With better lighting, lol.

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