September 8, 2008 | by B-Rey
Alex Smith Loves Tequila

Thanks to the website The Dirty here is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith enjoying some tequila.

Thanks to 49ers News for the “Alex Smith does Mexico” pictures.

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  • Well, I still have a big crush on Alex. Jeez, I wish I slept with him so badly, Go 49ers! Do not give up as he can do it better no matter what.

  • Anybody who does dumb shit like that should not play sports at all…and is a stupid decision to do that and ruin your reputation

  • You mean kissing his girlfriend and drinking? You’re retarded. If somebody gets shit-faced drunk than that means they shouldn’t be able to play football? Wow…just wow. Athletes drink; people take pictures; we laugh because we see that they’re human just like us. If you don’t like the site than get the fuck out.

  • I have to agree with Ryan on this. It sets a horrible example for kids like my son Michael who looks up to Alex and even through his struggles he was still a loyal fan. If he were to see this it would crush him I suspect. Come on Alex! Be respectful and keep your image up the fans count on you.

  • They are regular people just like everybody else. Maybe you should put down the bottle and have YOUR kids look up to YOU. Stop looking for everybody else to raise your kids right. Get a clue people.

  • the real problem here is that your kid looks up to alex “2 int day” smith. Tell him to grow up and root for a winner

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