September 6, 2008 | by B-Rey
Chad Henne is the BMOC

Here is Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne, back in 2006 when he was at the University of Michigan. Looks like he enjoyed college life as the big man on campus.

Thanks to the reader who emailed us these pictures found here…

Webshots Album #1, Webshots Album#2,  Webshots Album #3

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  • wow lol…. there are absolutely no hot girls in that picture. Poor chad… going to michigan lol.

  • I’m not surprised with the quality of girls here. It goes with the quality of Michigan football. Ugly as long as I can remember.

  • ummm last i checked Michigan is 4-0

  • i actually go to U of M and there are beautiful women everywhere u just need to know where to look

  • hahah.. drinkin natty!!! cool to see hes like the rest of us!

  • all girls are ugly here…and drinking natty light, yup thats michigan for ya

  • ohio fans are just angry because they have not produced a good QB in ever.

  • GOOD JOB, Henne!!! have funn your allowed to do it… You you got your degree you’ve worked hard BANG THOSE CHICKS… and lets win a superbowl next year!!!!


  • typical michigan girls…and terrible haircut in the first picture lol

  • My friend was at a party w/Ryan Mallett and Mallett had to ask guys to get him some PU$$Y instead of getting it himself. My friend called him out and said something like: “Dude, you are the QB of UofM and you can’t get your own dick wet. Damn dude, you must really suck!”

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